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Recipe: Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi

I do not know the name in English... If convert it directly sounds so
I guess it sounds like: Chicken cooked with coconut milk and bird's eye chili (????)

Anyway, this is a typical Malay cuisine that I'd like to share.
I'm not a good cook, I'm a learner too.
The one that's good in cooking is my mom.
So, we both actually learn this together!
In this post, you'll have step by step guide on how to cook it.

If I want to cook this cuisine, I just refer to this lovely blog of mine!
I don't know if anyone read my blog but I use my blog as reference for myself. ^^

Lets wait no more! Lets get started!

Today is the day to celebrate yellow. :D

I'll list down the ingredient at the end of this post so just follow the picture!

A bit of red onion and cili padi (Bird's Eye Chili)
 The amount of chilli is according to your own preferences, whether you want it hot or milder.
My family doesn't like spicy food much (I'll get stomachache!) and we eat less santan (coconut milk)
If you like food with a lot of santan, just add it a bit more. It'll get more delicious but not so healthy.
If you are not going to eat it everyday, no harm though. ^^

put it inside blender

With a bit of water

After blending (Warning of the spicy smell!)

Pour the blended mixture into the frying pan (?)

Add turmeric (Kunyit) that'll will make it yellowish.


Close the lid and leave it till it'll get a bit dry.

Now, for the santan (coconut milk) you can use instant but my mother bought the santan this way (easy for storage) and put it inside the freezer. Let it defrost in room temperature.

This is lemon grass. This is a very important ingredient that make it so... fragrant!

Chicken's meat...

We boiled the water for santan and for the chicken's liver (if you include that part of chicken)

Cut the chicken to small pieces

This is dry enough for us to insert the chicken's meat.

Stir stir...

Punch the lemongrass.. well somehow like the animated gif below.  =))

Unregistered. Free! So this is how u 'punch it'! lol

Add the lemongrass to the mixture and stir it.

Its smoking~

This is the raw santan inside the blender. No need to wash the blender according to my mum.

Pour some hot water to make it delicious (in Malay we called it lemak) and add normal  room temperature water so that the blender won't get damage easily (according to my mum)

This is how it looks like after blender it.

We need to filter the coconut husk from the coconut milk.

Like this~~

This husk need to throw it away, but for us, give it to the chickens~~

We need this lovely coconut milk

Get back to the chicken... and stir it.

Peel the potato's skin

Cut it according to your preferences.

Add the potato and stir

Add salt

Add some Knorr cube powder. It is a chicken flavoured powder. Gosh... dunno how to explain this >_<

Add some sugar too.

Mix it well and when the chicken is cooked...

....add the santan, and...

Leave it till it boiled. Turn off the gas. Done!
Yummy?? Yes! This is Malaysian cuisine from my mother. You can try it at home!
 This is rather low in calories as we really take care of the amount of oil and fats (My mum is a nurse, see...)
The oil is the oil from the chicken's skin.

So my dinner today is:
Honey drink, pineapple+onion+cucumber mix vegetable and  Ayam masak lemak cili padi. Yellow cuisine!
This is the vegetable up close. Mix it together with sugar and salt. 

We have home-grown corn!

My dad in yellow.
The corn was very sweet! Lovely. This is
 That's all for the post today.
I hope I give some tips for myself and my reader too!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Theres so many different ways of cooking it. For me firstly I mix both the blended chillies+onion and less thick santan in the pot until it boils and then adding the lemon grass+thick santan (in Malay known as "kepala santan") lastly the fish/chicken. Through the process I keep stirring it to avoid from "pecah minyak". LOL.

    Different ways but still the same outcome. Look delicious thou :)

    So know you know how to cook some dishes right?Prepare it for me.

  2. @arvnilahazelnut Yeah! There're so many ways to prepare but that's my mom's style.

    You cook for me la! Since you know how to cook d!

  3. Hi, did you use kunyit hidup? I don't have it where I live, is it okay if I substitute it with turmeric powder?


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